Summer and happy customers


And so we are halfway into July. We've had a great number of days with very beautiful weather and again this week we seem to get high temperatures.  Wonderful to play around with some yarn and needles on  the porch on those lovely, warm nights.
Great to sit in the light of my selfmade chandelier.

Recently I was able to make some nice projects, some on demand. This gorgeous rabbit you've seen in the latest blog. But, I didn't want to withhold these nice pictures of Sam and her rabbit. It shows how nice the color and pattern go together with the birthannouncement of Sam. So sweet of the parents and the customer, that they show their enthousiasm by surprising me with the pictures of them together.
This is where I work for :-)

And the orders are still coming. I'm busy crocheting a sweet dragon in wonderful colors and look, there is a new idea coming.....this little, sweet dragonteethingring gets between my other crochetwork. 

Also some nice orders and many beautiful ideas, are waiting to be realised in the weeks to come. I hope this is gonna be a lovely, warm summer with plenty of warm nights to chat and crochet outside. 

Whether you stay at home, or enjoy this holidayperiod on some other spot, I wish everybody a real good and happy summer.

Love Mery