How beautiful an order can be


One of the best things in the creative process, is working out how something should look like. When someone comes to you with a question or a picture and asks: "Can you make something nice out of this?" and directly your brain is spinning with ideas.

I got such a question, to make a present on the basis of a birthannouncement. 
When I saw this litthe bunny on the card, I immediately thought of the pattern of an    Easterbunny from Anja Toonen (Easter Crochtet) with some alterations to the yarn, color and how to place the head....I could already see it.
What do you think? Did it work?  

This order was a special one, little molars to fit a keychain. 

There are some patterns for molars, but they got to big, so I tryed to make it with a pattern of my own, write it when you go...try, rip it out, try again. 

This is how they turned out. 5 molars (5,5cm) for the farewell of a dentistassistent to her colleagues.