Finaly Spring


At least, that's what the calendar sais. For the past weeks, it seemed like winter all over. But there is going to be a change .....
Now, at the end of March, the clock has been set to Summertime and today it even feels a bit like Spring. Lovely sunshine, raising temperature outside, so it's great weather  to spend with yarn and needle in the garden.

But the last weeks I haven't been sitting around quietly. I had a few nice little projects on hand and one way or the other it always seems more fun to crochet, then to sew the parts together to a cudd;ly animal. So...there are two foxes lying around, peacefully waiting for me to bring them alive.  

What I did do the past two weeks, was creating some new items. My crochet collection has been extended with some beautiful pacifiercords, rattlers and teethingrings.  Because of the request of my husband to make a present for his pregnant colleage, I was tempted to create some nice articles and my ideas for them were endless. 

Look around for all these new, cute things