Busyness, holidays and special assignments


The last two months of 2017 I crochet for the holidays, on special request and creating sweet little gifts. 

I crocheted a wonderful shawl with the beautiful woolbobble Wild Rose for my dear colleague. The nice colorchange of the yarn from www.wolbobble.nl is fantastic.   
She is  very happy with it. Because I liked the yarn, I crocheted a triangular shawl for myself. This yarn is called Peacock.  And again this was a great succes. Everyone loves it.  

The nicest assignment was creating dragon Dax for a babyboy, born in November.
It turned out huge in mint and grey like his little babyroom. The client and the receiver are content, and so am I.  

My most special crochetwork is the beautiful little butterfly Ulysses Ulysses for my daughter. It was a gift with a special meaning for her graduation. Loved to crochet in  secret and it turned out wonderful. 

In between I crocheted some Chrismastrees for my own home. Real relaxed, trying out new ideas.  :-)

So 2017 was a great and productive year. I hope 2018 goes on like this.