Autumn creativity


I don't know how it is with you, but as the long, dark evenings approach I want to stretch on the couch with a nice cup of tea or coffee and a wonderful crochet project in my hand.

Sadly my body is not working with me this time. With bursitis in my hips and shoulders, sitting down and crocheting is not really enjoyable. So nothing good is coming out of my hands these days. But....a little rest in body and limbs, gives your head a free game in thinking and planning nice projects. The most beautiful ideas come to mind and for an order I am designing something new. (see pictures)

Time enough to look around on the internet and ordering some terrific stich markers at ByPhaedra. Could not choose, so many beautiful markers. What did I order?
Bees and honey, crane scissors, yarn hearts and windmills. Of course the special Christmas stich markers could not be missing. 

And of course I had the time to think about my orders and ideas that were finished lately and what I have as WIP (Work in Progress) in the basket. And this Autumn I created a new pumpkin. 

With our Dutch Sinterklaasfeest and Christmas ahead, I hope to be able to crochet some little things. Those dark evenings invite to be creative.

I wish everyone joyful months ahead.

Love Mery